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Grapes to Grow in a Greenhouse in the UK

Eating grapes

red dessert grapesDessert grapes are most successfully grown under cover in a greenhouse.

1)Black Hamburgh (Black Grape)

This is the classic greenhouse grape and produces seeded grapes reliably even in Scottish greenhouses. It might even be worth trying outdoors in a warm, protected south-facing location in Southern England. The famous gardener Capability Brown planted one in Hampton Court Palace over 200 years ago and it is still producing grapes.

2)Flame (Red Grape)

This red grape is often sold in Supermarkets. To get a reliable crop from this crunchy,seedless variety it is best grown in a greenhouse.

3)Muscat of Alexandria (White/Golden Grape)

This vine is one of the best tasting dessert grapes you can grow, having a sweet Muscat flavour and aroma. It can prove tricky to set its grapes and benefits greatly from hand pollination to ensure you get a crop.

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