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Disease Resistant Grapes Page

There are differences of opinion on which grape varieties are considered disease resistant in the UK, so any suggestions here must be considered in the light of your own experience as you try them for yourself.

Winemaking Grapes

1)Triomphe D'Alsace

There is a fair consensus of opinion that Triomphe D'Alsace is one of the most disease resistant wine grapes gron in the UK. See more: here

2)Seyval Blanc

More information on the variety here

3)Phoenix is said to have reasonable mildew resistance. Read more about it here

4)Orion is said by some to be one of the most disease resistant varieties of wine grape. I am growing several cuttings this year so it will a few years before I can give a personal opinion Read more about Orion here. 5)Solaris is becoming more widely grown and has some evidence as a disease resistant vine. Read more here.

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